DFRPG101: Magic

One of the most exciting parts of the DFRPG system is the magic. Obviously, as this is a game about wizards and their allies fighting the forces of spooks ghouls and vampires, a good magic system is important.

But what makes the magic in DFRPG so great is also what makes it so challenging: it’s flexibility. You can be paralyzed by indecision when you wish to use magic to solve a problem, because Dresden magic can do anything. And while the manual is filled with examples and guidance on it’s use, I still feel it would be improved if it was organized differently.

[My pet peeve is the amount of page references in the manual: “before you accomplish this important feat, don’t forget to consider Obscure Term (see page 200, 20 pages ago).” / “Obscure Term: A bit of descriptive text that could have been condensed and placed in the manual 20 pages from this point.”

This happens all over the manual, and I understand that it cuts down on the overall word count, but it does make for choppy reading when all you want is a straightforward answer to a question.]

So I’ve been looking for some guidance on the Web for some time, and finally hit the motherlode!


Rick Neal is a technical writer from Winnipeg (waves to a fellow Canadian) who is a major gamer. He’s written some great pieces on the magical system in DFRPG. And so instead of trying to write my own text, I’ll point to his, organizing it a bit so it’s easier to find all the good stuff.

So here it is: six great essays explaining the magic system, piece by piece. Enjoy!

Mystic Theory 101: Magic in DFRPG, Part One

Evocation, or How to Blow Stuff Up: Magic in DFRPG, Part Two

Thaumaturgy, or How to Break the Rules: Magic in DFRPG, Part Three

Getting Ready, or A Thaumaturgic Preperation Cheat Sheet: Magic in DFRPG, Part Four

How to Build Spells, or A Practical Grimoire: Magic in DFRPG, Part Five

Math and Miscellany: Magic in DFRPG, Part Six

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One Response to DFRPG101: Magic

  1. Rick Neal says:

    Glad you find the articles useful, and I hope you enjoy your Dresden Files game!


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